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Black2Nature's objectives are to work towards the increase in engagement of Visible Minority Ethnic (VME) people with nature and the environment, through education to understand the benefits to physical and mental health and wellbeing, how that can relate back to their rural heritage abroad; the education of those in nature conservation & media, environment and education or similar sectors in connecting with VME communities, getting them outside and interested in conservation careers. We also campaign to make the environmental sector ethnically diverse because only 0.6% of environmental professionals are VME. There is significant institutionalised racism within the sector and so those VME young people trying to enter it need support and mentoring as well as the sector being prepared to admit there is a problem and tackle it.

Why the community needs us
Our camps are important so that VME children and teenagers can learn about nature, the environment. This is essential because they will learn about birds, nature, conservation and sustainability, improving their appreciation of the environment. This is important also for the environmental movement, which is currently mono-ethnic so that it becomes diverse and represent all. It is important for teenagers, who will start appreciating the beauty of nature and use green therapy to help cope.

Our impact on the community
We have organised 9 camps, 2 one day family nature events, a tree planting day and a film-making workshop for inner-city VME young people, 2 "Race Equality in Nature" Conferences and have been campaigning for nature, environmental and nature media sectors to become ethnically diverse. Young people, parents, siblings, volunteers involved in our events all benefit and learn that their heritage is rural. We expect a number to become interested in careers linked to the environment & all to use nature to manage their mental health. So far 5,000 have benefited inc from talks given by Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl.

Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl

I am 18 years old and a prominent British Bangladeshi young birder, conservationist & environmentalist. I am committed to conservation such as stopping biodiversity loss and saving our planet through halting climate change, whilst respecting indigenous peoples, and highlighting Global Climate Justice as it intersects with Climate Change Action. I focus my attention on change from governmental and huge global corporations.

I blog as Birdgirl, give talks having spoken on a shared stage with Greta Thunberg, write articles and appear on TV, radio and other social media.  I am the youngest British person to be awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science age 17.  In September 2020 I visited the Arctic with Greenpeace, highlighting the second-lowest sea ice minimum and doing the most northerly youth strike ever.

If you would like to follow me & Black2Nature here are our socials:  Twitter @BirdgirlUK  Instagram @birdgirluk
Twitter @officialb2n  Instagram @officialb2n TikTok @OfficialB2N

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