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COMPASS provides counselling for anyone aged 18 or over. People come for counselling with a variety of problems. Some examples of problems helped by counselling are: Depression, anxiety, bereavement or other loss due to illness, accident or trauma. Counselling can also help with family problems, broken relationships, loneliness, anger, social anxiety and past or present unwanted sexual experiences.

Why the community needs us
Counselling makes a lasting difference to people's lives. It empowers them to gain understanding and take control, improving their quality of life and that of the people around them. Through counselling people are able to explore what matters to them and resolve difficulties that they experience more confidently. At the end of their counselling, most Compass clients say that they feel significantly better.

Our impact on the community
Counselling can develop increased confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. It helps improve health, relationships and independence. It can assist development of an empathic approach to others, providing strategies to cope with stress, anger and depression through enhanced communication, improving quality of life.

What your gift could provide


Enables us to contact a new client to understand their needs


Processes referrals for two new clients


Provides one Telephone or Video Counselling session for a client

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