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Our purpose is....Manchester! We support, develop and champion the hundreds of charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises. We support local people to get active in their communities through our Volunteer Centre and we build partnerships with public bodies like the local authority and the NHS as well as many local businesses and companies. All in the name of making more good things happen in Manchester.

Why the community needs us
The impact we create is sometimes indirect - our job is to help charities and community organisations make a bigger and better difference and to help more people get involved in that through volunteering or paid jobs, providing training. And we celebrate the work done by local volunteers and charities in our Spirit of Manchester programme.

Our impact on the community
From 2016-2018 we helped organisations bring in £3.6million of additional funding to Manchester; we supported 2889 people to get involved in volunteering; provided direct support to 1072 local organisations; delivered 117 events, meetings and get-togethers; engaged with 254 local businesses... we've built partnerships with new organisations, helped people have a voice in local decision making and had our biggest ever Spirit of Manchester Awards which trended nationally on social media!

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£111.13k raised from 3 pages

Real Change MCR “Helping people who beg and sleep rough”

£55.61k raised since March 2020

Migrant Destitution Fund GM

£54.82k raised since March 2020

Spirit of Manchester

£704.5 raised since August 2019