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To provide specialist parenting support in Berkshire through specialist parenting programmes; a Sleep Service and support for families at point of receiving a diagnosis of a disability for their child or young person.

Why the community needs us
Many parents with children and young people with disabilities struggle with isolation and parenting because of the extra pressures that their families face. Parenting Special Children identified this need and work alongside local boroughs in Berkshire, health professionals and other charities in order to offer support to families.

Our impact on the community
PSC have supported over 1000 families in the past 7 years. We have provided specialist parenting programmes and have worked with a wide range of families. Our courses are well attended and feedback from families and practitioners is very positive. The Diagnosis Support Service has supported one hundred families this year and our new Sleep Service is providing Sleep Workshops and clinics for families experiencing sleep difficulties is attracting new referrals from a wide range of professionals.

What your gift could provide


A course handbook for a Parent/Carer


1-2-1 support for parent/carer via the Helpline


Cost of a parent/carer attending a sleep course

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