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Streets2Homes operates a day centre for homeless and vulnerably housed individuals. Offering services to meet basic needs including shower facilities, clean clothes, hot meal, refreshments and a safe and friendly environment in addition to housing and benefits advice and guidance to overcome and or prevent homelessness and pathways to employment.

Why the community needs us
At the centre we offer refreshments, a hot meal and shower facilities. It is a friendly, safe place where the homeless and vulnerable housed can come to socialise, receive support and guidance. We work with local landlords to find suitable accommodation and assist our clients with budgeting once they are housed. We also encourage every individual to reach their potential by offering training sessions, job clubs and by working closely with other organisations to meet the needs of our clients.

Our impact on the community
For many of our clients we are like a family encouraging and supporting them through the transition of becoming housed and reintegrated into society. In the last 6 months 5 of our clients who we helped to house have found employment through our job club, 3 have returned to further their education and one client has been motivated to start up their own business. These are all individuals who have been homeless.

What your gift could provide


A waterproof coat


A hot meal a day for a week


Gloves and warm socks for the winter

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