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Shekinah, based in Plymouth and South Devon, is a charity that helps re-generate lives by tackling the complex issues of homelessness and social exclusion. With our non-judgemental approach we actively engage with teenagers and adults in both Plymouth and Torbay. We equip them with the skills, motivation and confidence they need to fully integrate into community life. We offer training and employment opportunities with strong support and understanding.

Why the community needs us

We work with some of the most vulnerable people from within our community and are based in one of the most deprived areas of the UK. So much more than a soup kitchen - we provide ongoing holistic care and support enabling people to move forward successfully in their lives. From the beginning there is person-centred guidance and advice that is individually tailored to meet specific needs, which in turn opens doors to the full range of services we offer that help them move on with their lives.

Our impact on the community

At Shekinah we are here for the long term. Our goal is for people to move forward with their lives, ultimately with a home, in employment and enjoying good health. To this end, last year we supported over 700 of the most socially excluded people in Devon, giving holistic care and support along the way.

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Resident service charge for 1 night in our hostel


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