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AMAZING - We have enough funding until 30th September 2024 - thank you so much for your help with our urgent appeal after cuts have put Vida at risk of closure!


Vida Sheffield has spent 30 years coordinating local community work against domestic abuse and now offers a specialist therapeutic service for women recovering from trauma caused by domestic abuse.

The charity needs to raise funds before the end of September to secure the charity’s future.

Women who experience abuse can suffer symptoms of severe anxiety, depression, PTSD and report that they feel suicidal. Vida helps on average 250 women and girls per year with free therapy by expert trauma-informed therapists to help them deal with these impacts and move forward with their lives after abuse. The service is always over-subscribed and the charity has innovated to offer group and online therapy while women wait for individual therapy.  95% of women who go through Vida’s service report a reduction in their trauma symptoms with 83% improving their wellbeing.

Local Vida service user Janice said “the therapy I got at Vida saved my life. When I came to therapy on day one, I felt awful as I was not able to find other services to support my long-term recovery.  Now I feel happier, safer and I understand what I deserve in a healthy relationship. There are too many women that are still living with the effects of domestic abuse that happened in their past. I’m supporting the campaign to save Vida so they can help women in Sheffield who were traumatised like me”

*1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse on average, and we have 62% referrals via the NHS e.g, MAPPS, GP’s & Talking Therapies.  It is heartbreaking that according to the **Sheffield Report it is expected that there will be an increase in abuse and Vida’s closure would put significant added pressure on the NHS.   
We really need your help!
Our service costs around £15-20k per month (some volunteer therapist hours are used)
We provide around 216 therapy sessions a month – Vida Pathway 
We save the NHS around £50k per month - based on published NHS data for specialist mental health services.

Contact for more information:  Karen Hague MBE:  m.07490 199643


What your gift could provide


pays for a specialist therapy session for a woman affected by trauma


Supervision of a therapist to enable individual therapy


A course of therapy for one woman

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