20lbs - £20 Challenge

A fundraising project by Steve Williams

of £5,000

days left

Donations not possible

01-09 16st 06lbs (Start Weight)

08-09 16st 03lbs (Loss 3lbs)

15-09 16st 01lbs (Loss 2lbs)

22-09 16st 00lbs (Loss 1lb)

29-09 15st 13lbs (Loss 1lb)

06-10 15st 12lbs (Loss 1lb)

13-10 15st 11lbs (Loss 1lb)

20-10 15st 11lbs (No Loss)

27-10 15st 9lbs (Loss 2lbs)

03-11 15st 9lbs (No Loss)

10-11 15st 8lbs (Loss 1lb)

17-11 15st 6lbs (Loss 2lbs)

24-11 15st 7lbs (Gain 1lb)

01-12 15st 6lbs (Loss1lbs)

08-12 15st 6lbs (No Loss)

12-01 15st 8lbs (Gain 2lbs)

19-01 15st 7lbs (Loss1lb)

26-01 15st 6lbs (Loss 1lb)

28-02 15st 0lbs (Loss 6lbs)

I have the privilege to be Chairman of Trustees for Safe Families for Children Wales. Our main reason for existence is to work with families who are experiencing difficulties. Many of the children be may heading into the care system, some temporarily but others for the rest of their childhood. Our task is to stop that cycle of deprivation and make a difference in the lives of the families we support. This work is done by an army of volunteers, over 100, and three part time paid staff, all who work far in excess of the hours required of them.

Like many small charities, finances are a constant issue, and even though we have now reduced our total spending to just £5,000 per month, we are in need of support to keep helping families here in Wales. If you would like to know more about the work of Safe Families for Children Wales, please follow the link below.


I'm have spent most of my life overweight, and I would like combine losing some weight with raising some support for Safe Families Wales. I am going to lose 20 pounds of weight and I hope encourage you to sponsor me for the same amount in money.

Steve Williams