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Buy and plant fruits trees in Zambia
You buy trees in pairs and you can name one.
Offset your carbon footprint
Give thanks to nature
Support children and young people community initiatives

Beyond Skin and our friends OpenNet4.0 Zambia announced a new project community venture with a community centre in Choma that will forge a bridge between youth in Northern Ireland and Zambia delivering shared arts projects focused on mental health, environment, education, equality. 

The building has been gifted on a shared basis by Choma Municipal council, a local authority in Choma district of the southern province of Zambia and the renovation of the building or facility into a residential and cultural centre has begun and is referenced as BOC001 with all projects allocated a catalogue number.

In the surrounding grounds we invite you to plant fruit trees.
You can name one of the trees after yourself or another person. The partner tree planted is symbolic of you planting a tree for a global neighbour. 
Businesses and organisations can use this tree planting programme to offset their carbon footprint. 

Money raised will also assist directly into community projects (not admin).

Imagine planting fruits trees that will live well beyond our years. If you live outside of Zambia, even more special to know your tree will grow in another part of the world.
You can request for a photo of your tree periodically as is grows.
The promotional drawing for this project was done by Michael aged 8 from Environmental Club, Choma, Zambia and have been awarded catalogue number BOC002
A full version of the drawing

NOTE: Please include email when donating if you wish to name and tree and have updates about your tree.


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2 fruit trees planted in Choma, Zambia


4 fruit trees planted in Choma, Zambia


6 fruit trees planted in Choma, Zambia

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