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Gilwern Grows
The idea for our growing group seeded itself in the lockdown of 2020. Gilwern Grows is an initiative run by Gilwern Roots that aims to bring underused/neglected plots of land in the local community back to productive and used ground through the involvement of local community volunteers who share an interest in gardening. We now have four plots that our volunteers look after and the resulting food produce is shared to our weekly Roots cafe.

What do we do
Gilwern Grows meets weekly and provides a space for learning about growing, we work with local children from the nursery to grow their plants. All are welcome and volunteering doesn’t have to just be on meets ups with the plots available to the group through the week.

What we need
We grow from seed and accept donations of plants and tools (whoops too many tomato plants?)

With the summer nearly here, we are always looking for volunteers to help with weeding and watering, even if on an ad-hoc basis.

Community Impact
Visible plots in the village promoting growing and food sharing to all.

Our weekly meet ups are a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and learn new skills. For those that prefer to be at one with nature, all the plots are accessible outside of the working group hours. 


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What your gift could provide


for 2 new watering cans


for hand tools and gloves for volunteers


for 1000 litres of woodland bark for plot pathways

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Gilwern Grows - Monday mornings

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