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With unprecedented demand our foodbank provides necessary foods and essentials to those in need from across our Borough. From older residents, to those working, as well as families we do our best to ensure everyone that needs helps get's a package full of basic produce to help them get by. Working with our partners, Peabody we can also sign-post people that need help to claim additional benefits and or budgeting advice. 

Each month we see roughly 50 new applications for help, and we give away close to 200 parcels a month. We have found that on general people will use our service for 2 to 3 months before they have worked out a way forward. 

Why they need our service
As the Coronavirus spreads we enter unknown times. As a non-profit organisation we've always prided ourselves in supporting the Basildon Borough Community. Currently, we are working closely with Basildon and Essex County Council. Any funds raised during this time we will use to help those most in need, whether that is food, nappies, or PPE. Furthermore, Motivated Minds are partners with Basildon Council, Essex Council and the NHS so we have gone through vigorous checks and are held accountable.

Plan and expected results
For the past two weeks we have been liasing with Basildon Council and Essex County Council supporting those in need and our NHS staff. So far we have supported 40 families, given food to food banks, schools and NHS staff, and offered mental health support. For the duruation of this pandemic we will spend any monies recieved into where it is needed most. Our accounts will be presented to our partners for transparacy after.


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What your gift could provide


One basic food parcel to last one week


Family Weekly Foodbank parcel


A bulk buy to restock empty fridge/cupboards for a family.

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