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Approximately 2 million people in the UK walk around with an Un ruptured aneurysm according to the HBA page itself. When this decides to burst/rupture it can be life changing and life threatening. So i want to raise money for this charity as some of my family members, including my partner, has suffered an aneurysm which still affects their life to this day. Seeing them recover is great but it still affects them in ways you typically wouldn’t think would affect their life. Their job , health , and mental wellbeing is affected and some still struggle with recovery from this day. So i want to raise money and put it into something that means alot to me and my family. The more awareness and research the more we can help and know about this issue. 


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Snowdon hike

Me and my college are doing a hike for a charity. I chose to raise for a charity that hits the heart for me and want to raise due to my family having brain aneurysms that are highly hereditary.

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