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snvb Community Larders are a community larder network based in Towcester and Roade.

We operate a membership scheme that is OPEN TO EVERYONE, aimed at providing an affordable way to access healthy staple food, reduce food waste and improve the wellbeing of residents in the local area. 

We partner with support organisations such as Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG), West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) and the Northamptonshire Community Foundation (NCF), to reach people who need food support.

Running a larder session costs over £600 and so donations are always welcome.


South Northants Volunteer Bureau (snvb)

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SNVB supports volunteering in South Northamptonshire, helping residents lead healthier lives.

What your gift could provide


provides annual larder membership to someone who is struggling with the cost of living


provides a weekly shop for a month for an individual that is struggling


provides a weekly shop for a month for a family that is struggling

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