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SAVI Committee Member Eamon Preston and SAVI Founder Matt Cliff are embarking with their front riders Jess and Tony to take on the journey that Bill Shankly made to Liverpool Football Club (LFC). This means that the challenge is being launched from the 9th September 2023 from Grimsby Blundel Park to Anfield. With the rest of the grounds being done as part of one ride in the summer of 2024. 

SAVI Northwest is completely voluntary led by and for blind and partially sighted people. Half the funds raised from this challenge will be used to further enhance SAVI’s offering. The other half will go to Bradbury Fields, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people with sensory loss.

The idea was conceived by Eamon who is a life long LFC fanatic. Like many things Covid-19 stopped this in its tracks. It was reinvigorated when Liverpool FC and Nivia for Men heard of this idea. They showcased this in the “Dear Liverpool FC” series when Mo Salah visited Eamon to thank him for his support to LFC and his work in the community. 

We thank you for any interest you take and any donations you make. This will make a real difference for people in you local and LFC community.   


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Shankly Tandem Challenge

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