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At Tavs, we offer a range of activities, including the Food Co-op, weekly food evening, and smaller group sessions focused around creative workshops for wellbeing. 

Why they need our service

Our heart through Tavs is to engage, support, and empower people in Cardiff addressing issues arising from homelessness, addiction, mental health, and isolation. We want to provide a safe space to be creative where people grow in confidence, see positive change, and recognise there is hope.

Plan and expected results

We want to:
- build a sense of community and belonging and provide a safe hub for the homeless, the vulnerably housed, and anyone who faces any form of social exclusion in Cardiff
- support those we see in an empowering, inclusive, holistic, respectful and purpose-giving way
- see people move from a place of social exclusion to social inclusion, reintegrated into wider society, and the opportunities resulting from that. 
- form good working partnerships with other organisations in Cardiff.


Hope Cardiff

Llanedeyrn | Housing / Homelessness

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Seeking to promote social inclusion, mental health and wellbeing through collaboration, connection, creativity and care.

What your gift could provide


A hot evening meal


A month of groceries from the Tavs Food Coop


Training for our volunteers to provide our services

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