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While I am running the Robin Hood half Marathon for myself, as a personal challenge, I also want to raise awareness of self harm and suicide and the effect this has on the sufferers and their families . I have chosen to raise money for the Harmless charity because this is very close to my heart. I have a beautiful niece who has struggled for many years with both self harm and has on many occasions when life gets too tough for her has attempted suicide. 
Her journey began when she was 11 years old as a result of severe bullying while at primary school, this continued during her secondary school years. Hanna was first hospitalized at the age of 15 and has had many spells in hospital since then. In fact, she is currently in an adult hospital after a determined effort to end her life. I adore my niece and watching her struggle is heartbreaking.  I often feel helpless and at a loss of what I can do to help her. My run, and raising money for Harmless helps me feel like I am making a positive contribution to improving mental health support for sufferers.  If my raising money for Harmless can prevent just one person from.following the same path, every mile and every drop of sweat will be worth it.
The NHS is so under funded especially when it comes to mental health, that charities are often the 1st line of support available to sufferers.  We need to work together to make sure that this support never dries up. Mental health does not discriminate. Today I run for my niece, tomorrow,  it could be yours. Please dig deep and give what ever you can to this amazing charity. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
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David Muldoon
15 Sep, 2019
Massive good luck for an incredible cause. You’ve done so well! Love David, Caroline, Ewan & Darcie xx
Jacky Kirk
15 Sep, 2019
You go girl x
Claire Williams
09 Sep, 2019
A pound for every wonderful year Hanna has gifted us with her beautiful life so far. You got this Trina. Go smash it x
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Harmless is a user led organisation that provides a range of services about self harm
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