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The Trubys Abrahamic Women's Choir is a diverse group of women from various backgrounds, cultures, professions, and age ranges who join together to sing music from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. We aim to perform at various local charity, faith, community and educational events throughout the year. We recently performed at the Pioneer Tales Revisited Private View on 25 January 2024 and are already working on plans for another performance at the Great Get Together Iftar 2024.  We need you help to bring this rich tradition to life for our wider Milton Keynes community.

Trubys Garden Tea Room is a community group with the aim to bring our communities together to create opportunities for positive dialogue.  More information about Trubys from our website and FB:

History and background
Trubys Garden Tea Room set up the Choir as part of its sound piece project funded by MK City Council celebrating women’s strength and faith through sound. The choir performed at the Great Get Together Iftaar on 2 April 2023 bringing together for the first-time women and girls drawn from local congregations of Muslim, Jewish and many denominations of Christian faiths. The experience of coming together as women from the different Abrahamic faith enabled us to learn from each other and the act of singing together was spiritually uplifting, bringing us closer together to our Creator and as a community.

Building on this success, we are fund raising to support us to continue to sing and use our voices. Please donate what little you can.

You can listen to our sound piece creation:


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conductor resource / music workshops for participants

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