SMILE, Alistair's 2 half-marathons as a chicken!

A fundraising project by Alistair Doxat-Purser

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Update: Great North Run completed - only 5000 places behind Mo, but 12th in proper fancy dress stakes! Thank you so much wonderful sponsors - anyone else before the Bournemouth run on 8th October??

...Every year I run 2 half marathons in fancy dress for really great causes.

This year I want to try to raise £1000 to help a brilliant group of people who help Lone parent families in Poole and Bournemouth where I live. There are 1 million lone parent families in the UK, and in one area of Bournemouth 50% of such families have no adult in work - these are amazing people who just need a bit of hope..
The "SMILE" project has created a community of 70+ families where there is personal support to help folk out of crisis, where there is a chance to learn new skills to increase self-confidence, and where there are free 'red-letter day' events to make families feel special.
Here's what it means to one family: "SMILE has been a lifesaver for both my son and myself. My child can enjoy amazing activities at no cost and I get adult conversation with people who are experiencing the same difficulties as me. The support is amazing"

In particular I want to help them run their fishing project again which gives younger children the chance to get out on boats in Poole Bay, learn some new skills, be with positive male role models and see a real leap in their self-confidence!

I will run with 57,000 others in the Great North Run on 10 Sep. And then you’ll have more chance of catching me on 8 October as I run along the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth

And the costume this year?? Well, last year's 'Where's Wally' outfit (see the photo) was greeted with "I've found you" by scores of Geordies thronging the 13 miles of the route from Newcastle. This year, I wanted to keep it simple - so what could be more better than a proper chicken outfit!?!