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Every Thursday over 20 volunteers come along to the Farm to help out. They take part in animal care; cooking lunch for the volunteers and visitors in our café; maintenance and grounds work around the Farm; and working in the allotment growing food to sell or for use in our café.

Why they need our service

Our Adult Volunteer & Training Programme supports hundreds of volunteers who give thousands of hours of their own time to help on the Farm each year. They give their time, energy, enthusiasm and skills in return we provide on the job and accredited training, the chance to work together and make friends and a chance to improve their health, wellbeing, self esteem and confidence.

Plan and expected results

Each week 20-30 adults of all backgrounds, ages and abilities have taken part in farm workdays, as well as receiving training in food growing, first aid and Health and Safety. We engaged 150 people (83 new) in 4,796 hours of volunteering between April- September. 50% of volunteers reported mental health issues, 15% a Physical Disability and 35% a Learning Disability. Since April, 17 people have received accredited training, 6 went on to employment and 4 to further education.


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