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People seeking asylum in Bristol are granted an allowance of only £ 6.43 a day. A day pass for the bus (which is what they would require if they had more than one appointment) is £6 a day, which would take up all of the daily allowance.
People seeking asylum are not able to choose where they live, which means that they could be very distant from their community and the services they need. Without access to bus tickets this community will struggle to access essential services such as: 
  • GP and hospital appointments 
  • Legal advice 
  • Counselling appointments
  • Accessing food banks
  • English classes (ESOL)
  • Social activities and drop ins run by Bristol Refugee and Asylum Seeker Partnership (BRASP)
  • Volunteering with BRASP organisations
First Bus and City of Sanctuary have been providing 246 tickets a month, worth £2000, to organisations working with people seeking asylum/sanctuary. First Bus is still willing to price match City of Sanctuary for this initiative, however, the funding from City of Sanctuary is going to end at the end of April 2023.
We are asking you to show your support by donating whatever you can.


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Raising money for bus tickets for people seeking sanctuary

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