Jeremiah’s 120ft Cheesewring Quarry Abseil

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My Name is Cameron Harvey I’m 13 years old.
When I was 2 years old my mum sadly passed away. I’ve lived with my dad without the presence of my mum and found it very confusing, hard and upsetting. It was always hard to listen to friends talk about their mums where all I have is memories and pictures to look at. I could hardly talk to my dad about my mum as I knew it use to upset him as much as it did me. I had to hide my feelings and didn’t know what to do with them in fear of upsetting everyone.
Thankfully my dad came across Jeremaih’s Journey which is a wonderful charity that helps Children deal with the loss of a parent or someone close to their hearts. They helped me and my dad so we were able to talk about our feelings and work together to happily remember my mum. I also had the chance to meet other people in the same situation as I am in and hear how they felt, this made me reaslise that I am not the only person that had lost a parent, which ment so much as I felt so alone.
With all the great help I have had along such a difficult road I would like to try and give back to the charity that helped me to understand, control and overcome my feelings. Without Jerimah’s help I’d hate to think where me or my dad would be today.

I’m going to be completing a 120ft Abseil to raise money for Jerimah’s Journey. Please help me raise as much as I can to give back to this awesome charity!

wish me luck!!