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Thanks so much for choosing to take part in this national fundraising event on behalf of Man&Boy!  The Captain Tom 100  (#CaptainTom100) taking place between the 30th April 2021-3rd May 2021 (which marks the weekend that Captain Tom would have turned 101).

To participate and raise some money for Man&Boy, chose a fun, memorable or challenging activity where you can complete 100 of something between you as a pair "50/50" encouraging one another along the way!
See event details for some of our favourite ideas but if you prefer you can choose your own.

All we ask is that as you take part you direct your supporters to this page to make a donation or if you prefer you can set up and tailor your own here: Captain Tom 100 campaign | Localgiving and send us a picture/ video on social media that we may share under #captaintom100 #manandboy5050.

Every activity big or small will raise money for the 2021 Man&Boy Programme - safe, fun relationship-building activities for boys aged 9-12 and a man from within the family, referred to Man&Boy  supporting wellbeing, mutual encouragement, skill-building, all empowering boys to reach their full potential.   You can find out more about what we do at  
Stay safe and keep it fun!   Huge thanks for your support!  

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08 May, 2021
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07 May, 2021
Trevor Quy
03 May, 2021

Well done everyone

Update from Team Man&Boy

We made it! The Roberts clan completed £22km relay-style over 100 minutes and Will and Paul took on 100 cycling challenge having great fun along the way!

(Update posted on May 7, 2021 20:00)
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08 May, 2021
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About Captain Tom 100 Man&Boy 5050

Walk 100 laps/miles (50 each).....Go for 100 runs (50 each).....Cycle 100k (50 each, you get the idea :).....Dance for 100 minutes.....Do 100 push-ups.....Go on a 100km hike........Play football for 100 minutes......Do 100 keepie- 100 sandcastles......climb a tree 100 times..... do 100 star jumps squats, leg presses, burpees, hula hoops or trampoline bounces (or a mixture between you).....share 100 positive affirmations or encouragements.....carry out 100 good deeds.....don't touch the floor for 100 for 100 minutes...... :)

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