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华协往年的财神爷义工扮演者 Chris Evans 非常热心,也在行动上支持我们,以特殊的虚拟卡米诺(西班牙)跋涉步行, 在 localgiving慈善众筹平台,为支持华协慈善工作,筹集运营资金。敬请大家多多支持。

Hello, I'm Chris Evans from the Wales Green Party, you'll know me though as The Money God at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Swansea for the past 5 years. I've really loved playing the part of The Money God in the celebration which is always a colourful, magical experience, full of joy, singing, dancing, and fun.

I've really missed seeing all the happy smiling faces and the amazing costumes, as during lockdown we haven't been able to share this special occasion with our friends and family. Similarly, CIWA hasn't been able to serve the needs of the Chinese community in the same way as before. It has adapted though, and is available through many online channels,  such as WeChat, email, phone calls and Zoom, to help serve members of the community who may be in need of help.

Unfortunately, as face to face contact has reduced, so have the generous donations from members of the community that used to visit. However, the service still requires funding help to carry out its vital work online. Due to this, I will be now taking a challenge to help raise funds for the community. I will be walking 480 miles over the next few months, between 8 and 25 miles per day. 480 miles is the length of the Camino de Santiago and I will be sharing on social media how I am getting on each day, including photos of the towns I pass along the way and shots from Google Street View.

I therefore ask you to please kindly donate generously to help the staff at CIWA to continue providing this incredibly important service in the future. Without your donations, we may not be able to provide the level of help the Chinese community needs and deserves. Hopefully, we can all see each other again soon at a Chinese New Year celebration or other festival, and I look forward to getting back into costume, and meeting everyone.
Thank you in advance 
Chris Evans
Money God

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Ruizhen Chi
30 Jun, 2021

Leon Li
30 Jun, 2021

Wangfu Situ
30 Jun, 2021


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Yinesa Lai      Top Donor     
15 Feb, 2021

All for the good cause.

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About Virtual Camino de Santiago

Our Money God, Chris, from the Wales Green Party is walking the 480 miles of the Camino de Santiago virtually. Each day for the next 3 months he will be walking between 8 and 25 miles each day to complete the task.




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