A Defib for Craigs 21st

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So we're a week away from my 40th! ?

I never announce birthdays or celebrate but this year is different. I found out the lad who died 4 years ago (with me holding his hand, begging him to stay) shared a birthday with me. He would have been 21 this year on 5th September, but he's not here and I am.

So I want to ask any of you who may have spent a couple of quid on a card for me to instead please donate it to CCSHF (Charlotte and Craigs Saving Hearts Foundation)

Libby MacInnes and I will be hosting a charity Mad Hatters tea party to celebrate being 40 1/2 in the new year, with the aim of raising £1000 for a defibrillator.

So all my fb friends please join me in wishing Craig Prentice-Underwood a massive 21st up there ? xxxx