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Over 137,000 women and girls in England and Wales have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) including pricking, piercing and cutting, and this has lifelong consequences. Trauma, pain, infection, difficulty urinating, complications in childbirth, painful periods and anxiety attacks can affect a woman throughout her life. Many don't know they have had FGM until they try to give birth and it is shrouded in secrecy. Alongside the devastating lifelong physical issues comes the psychological impact which can prevent women leading full and rewarding lives. Most of these vulnerable women have no access to support and advice.

'I was cut when I was 7 years old. It was not until later, when I gave birth to my daughter, that anyone talked to me about FGM and offered me help. FGM is shrouded in secrecy and too many women suffer in silence through many years of pain. At Dahlia Project we break the silence and provide a safe space and therapeutic support. Working with these incredible women who have gone through so much, seeing them heal and support each other, is inspiring.' Leyla Hussein, Founder of Dahlia Project.

During the pandemic we have become aware that FGM has gone undercover in this country. There has been a documented rise in domestic violence and sexual abuse within families. The majority of these vulnerable women come from low income households with little access to digital technology and they have become increasingly isolated as most support and therapy has gone online.

We also continue to campaign against other forms of violence against women, such as breast ironing, and to provide therapeutic support to women survivors of domestic violence.

How the funding will be spent
The Dahlia Project offers FGM survivors life-changing support. Delivered through Manor Gardens, Dahlia Project's therapists are often the first person women are able to tell their stories to and openly discuss how FGM affects their lives.

We need to raise £150,000 to continue to provide safe and accessible specialist counselling services for women affected by FGM. We run groups online at present and in normal times in locations and at times to suit the women and offer assistance with childcare, transport and bilingual interpreters. Your donation will help us to pay for the experienced FGM therapists and the casworkers who provide counselling and holistic support with external issues affecting their mental health, such as housing, benefits and health appointments. Your donation will also help us campaign to raise awareness of violence against women and how we can all help to stop harmful practices.         


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pays for an awareness-raising event


pays for one woman to attend a 12-week group session


pays for a therapist for one hour

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Support survivors of FGM with our Dahlia Project

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