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In case I haven’t spoken to you- we completed the 100km desert trek across the Sahara. 14 of us went to Morocco to complete this challenge…. It was a challenge! We overcame open wounds, blisters, 30+ degree sunshine, sickness to get this challenge done. 

For me the biggest personal challenge that we faced was the “wild camping. I am not a camper, lots of the other Trekkers were not campers either! and it was the first time probably in my like that I never looked into a mirror for 4 whole days!!! … we were all looking very attractive with baby wipes and hand sanitiser going everywhere with us!

We walked up rocky hills, across rocky dried seabeds, up and down sand dunes through heat and more heat, with camels by our side. One of my favourite memories will be seeing a camel smile when he got to a well… it was almost as good as the smile we had when Dave Verburg and I reached our camp on day 2, after getting lost, through no fault of our own!!! and walking for over 12 hours… wow, what a day that was!! My ankles had turned purple!

My biggest take home from the desert has been friendships made and humanity… from the people doing the trek to the Moroccan people who did look after us, all the time- those people who have all been through so much with their own struggles. Without everyone’s unwavering support, this challenge would never have been completed. We all became foot doctors as well… I’ve never seen so many blisters and pained ankles in my life!!

The starry night skies and starry mornings before sunrise… it was all like a dream now! Even the cards we played, Dobble was great fun and the songs that people were singing, all the time!! Bohemian Rhapsody will always remind me of our Desert Trek.

So, I want to say a MASSIVE Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to £5k+. All this money is going toward building a Multigym for Marydale in St Helens. I can’t wait to see this up and running!

Thank you!  your generosity means the world to me, Love, Debbie xxx





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