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Team Fundraisers

We rely on grants to finance our activities, but the general running costs rely mainly on generous donations from the public and our members. These donations cover our admin and costs such as producing marketing material, newsletters, buying office equipment and resources, as well as phone costs to allow us to support members and anyone who needs it. 

Why they need our service

Can you spare £3 per month i.e.'Donate a Cuppa' to help us continue offering support to those living with arthritis in Leicestershire? If enough people can give a little, it can help a lot of people and make a huge difference to someone who would struggle with pain and mobility without our activities or support.

Plan and expected results

We strive to keep our costs as low as possible to maximise the amount we spend on necessary activities like our adapted yoga or seated exercise sessions. Your £3 will help us to reach more people who need our help and support to better manage their condition to live a fuller life with arthritis. We are a small, user-led charity and every penny makes as much of a difference to us as our support does to our members. Thank you.


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What your gift could provide


buys several hours of phone support to a vulnerable adult


buys the paper we use to print our posters to reach more people


Pays for an instructor for one session of yoga or exercise

£293 raised from 2 pages

Hydrotherapy Facilitation Donations

£280 raised since July 2023

Donate a Cuppa

£13 raised since July 2015