Auntie Kirsten's Legacy

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Just over a year ago now I lost my perfectly healthy Auntie. She was always a very fit and athletic person competing in lots of running events. This has since inspired me to start running myself and after completing my first 10k a month ago I now feel I can step up to the half marathon and run as my Auntie did.

My Auntie was a primary school teacher who inspired generation after generation with academic success and growth and also athletic encouragement, which has clearly rubbed off on me too.

I have decided to raise money for Jeremiah's Journey to continue the legacy of my Auntie Kirsten in helping children. For all the children she taught, for her two young daughters and for any children affected by similar circumstances. I hope to raise as much as possible, continue to run in my Auntie's name and help children as she did throughout her life.