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My name is Euan, I've just turned 10 years old.
The last two years have been really tough for me because I was bullied for a long time at school. My Mummy and Daddy tried really hard to help me to overcome all the problems I was having but in the end it was all too much for me and I had an emotional breakdown.
I really didn't want to go to school and I would make myself sick so I didn't have to go. My mummy and Daddy sent me to see a lovely lady called Sharon to help me with my confidence and for a while it really helped me feel stronger.
I hadn't been sleeping very well for a long time but soon I was getting out of my bed up to 13 times in a night because i just felt sad and anxious all the time. Then one night it all went crazy in my head and I was screaming and shouting at my Mummy and Daddy. I even tried kicking and punching the doors in. Eventually I ended up being very sick because I had given myself a migraine. I finally fell asleep at 4am in the morning.
Mummy and Daddy agreed things had to change.
We spoke to some lovely people who put us in touch with a charity called SAFE. I was allocated some one to one counselling session with the lady Sharon who I had seen before. I really liked Sharon and she has made me feel so much happier and in control of my Anxiety and sleeping problems.
I have now been sleeping for over 14 weeks...all night long without having to get up and see my Mummy. We are all so much happier and less grumpy now :)

Changing schools was a real worry for me but it was worth it. I'm so much happier now. Sharon helped with everything else and to make me understand why I was feeling like I did and how I could take control of my thoughts and feelings.

Now I want to give something back to Sharon and SAFE. I am going to walk 105 miles over the six weeks summer holidays so I can raise money for SAFE to help another child who is in the same situation I was in a few months ago.

Please help this dream come true

Love from Euan