Ayesha Walks on Fire

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My latest crazy endeavour - I'm doing a fire-walk (walking barefoot on burning embers...) to raise money for YMCA Milton Keynes. Yet another way to push myself to do crazy things and yet do good at the same time. All donations hugely appreciated. Thank you. Peace, love and light. A x
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Eleanor Howe
29 Sep, 2017
GOOD LUCK you'll smash it!
Laura Pont
26 Sep, 2017
I actually thought of you last night, because I had to walk bare foot on cold stones to get something out the car and I wanted to cry. GOOD LUCK! You'll be super xx
Jackie Grisdale
22 Sep, 2017
Good luck
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Gift Aid: £18.75
Total raised: £93.75
Ayesha is fundraising for Milton Keynes YMCA

Helping the young people of MK to belong, contribute and thrive
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