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This year I have a place on the start-line of the Great North Run, the world's biggest half-marathon! I've never done distance running, so I hope raising some money will give me that extra motivation to reach the finish line.

Homeless young adults are among the most overlooked and ignored members of our society, falling through the social safety net and finding help hard to come by. Those who live in MK will be all too familiar with the number of people to be seen sleeping rough throughout the city centre and camped in some of the green spaces.

Fortunately, there are organisations like MK YMCA who work to support as many vulnerable young adults as they can. Currently, they provide housing, well-being, skills and employment support to over 500 people in MK.

It's easy to forget how many people in the UK are at risk of becoming homeless, either surfing friends' sofas or out onto the street. I believe in judging a society by how it treats the most vulnerable, so I hope you can spare a few quid to keep the MK YMCA carry on providing this vital service.

And yes, I may do the YMCA dance to warm up.