Gail's Sky Dive for Jeremiah's Journey

A fundraising project by Gail Buckler

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Please, please help me support the fantastic work of the local children's charity, Jeremiah's Journey.


****I am throwing myself out of a perfectly serviceable plane on 11th June****

I know a lot of you would pay dearly to see that....and I expect a lot of you haven't read as far as this as you are still laughing so much.... This will be a tandem jump as I'm too old for a solo (no surprise there...) :)

I need to raise at least £450 to enable the sky dive to go ahead however, with your help, I'd like to raise £1,000.

Jeremiah's Journey is the charity chosen by the staff of Plymstock School, for this year, and we hope to raise awareness of this worthwhile cause so I thought what better way to do this than a sky dive, right....?!! It seemed a good idea at the time...

What does Jeremiah's Journey do?
'We believe that no child or family should feel alone in their grief.
Our work is centered around children, young people and their families who are grieving and we always aim to do our best to help them through a difficult and uncertain time. Families need support at different times and may be facing lots of challenges. We are respectful of each child and their family's individual experiences and circumstances. We will be creative in our work and strive for excellence in all areas of the charity'
Check out their homepage at:

Please help by sponsoring me to reach my goal and to help these guys continue with their amazing work.

Thank you so much guys

Gail xxx