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Leeds Womens Aid was set up to help women and their children who face domestic violence and controlling behaviour by their partners. They provide emergency refuge accommodation, food, clothing and toiletries, practical and financial support, a 24 hour crisis helpline, access to legal advice and representation, and many other things.

I read on their website the story of a teenager - we'll call her Sarah - who as a little girl stayed at the refuge with her mum, after her dad, in a rage, had kicked her mum so hard in the stomach that she had to stay in hospital for several weeks. When Sarah went to stay with her dad, her dad's brother (her uncle) would come to visit and buy Sarah sweets and take her to the cinema. During the night, Sarah's uncle would get into bed with her and “touch her in private places”. Sarah didn’t like this, even though her uncle was nice to her.

Reading this story made me cry.

Sarah now lives with her mum and her mum’s new boyfriend in a new house in a different city, and is very happy. She and her mum are examples of the successes which vulnerable women have achieved through Leeds Womens' Aid.

To raise funds for this fantastic charity, I am walking 100 miles between 1 and 24 December.

As the father and stepfather of 4 children, being the sole breadwinner in our house, working long hours and spending most of my time in a sedentary office job, believe me, I am neither particularly fit nor do I have much spare time. So, for me, this is a challenge!

You will be able to follow my progress here:

More information on Leeds Womens Aid can be found here:

If you would be kind enough to donate this Christmas-time, I will be enormously  grateful. Thank you.

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