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Guildford 12 - swimming a mile every hour for 12 hours, outside, in April.

This year on 14th April 2018, from 8am to 8pm, swimmers from all across the Uk and further afield, will be entering the very chilly outdoor Guildford Lido water, every hour in order to swim a mile.
Then back in again...and again...and again...12 times.

It is an adults only event, with the emphasis on camaraderie, friendship and personal challenge. It is not a race but it is hard core- endurance and the ability to with-stand the cold.

The event website can be found at

This year, we are raising money for a small social enterprise charity called who provide meaningful employment for Adults with Learning Difficulties.

The charity use their land in Richmond, North Yorkshire to grow fruit and vegetables which they then sell to local eating places. They grow their own trees to sell the wood for logs and kindling. In the workshop there are crafts and occupational activities for adults of all ages and abilities.

This fundraising page, it is open to all swimmers, their supporters, families and friends. The event's buddies are also welcome to sponsor the swimmers and indeed the Buddies themselves are worthy of their own sponsorship as without them, the swimmers' task would be so much more demanding.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated -or is considering doing so.