Harshiran's Skydive Challenge 2018

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Hi everyone, this is Harshiran.

In March 2018 I am going to be taking part in a tandem skydive at Hinton Skydive Centre to raise money and awareness for a local charity called Young People First!

WAYC are a charity who are commited to supporting vulnerable young people in the local community.
They help a number of young people including those with anxiety and depression who need emotional support.
Young People First mentor young people who are not in school or work into further education or employment.
The charity also help inspire young people who are currently living in areas of high deprivation who are at risk of exploitation and crime.

The money raised from my jump will essentially help many disadvantaged young people into having a better future and fulfilling their dreams!

Please help me raise awareness and funding for this incredible charity by sponsoring me.

Thank you to everyone who contributes x x x