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Hello there, this is a message on behalf of The Comfrey Project. First, we want to thank you for your kind donations to the #HelpingHands campaign. We hope that you enjoyed reading the stories, and learned something new! We appreciate your efforts to help us increase access to nutritious food for our members. 

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, our poly-tunnel at The Comfrey Project was vandalized, damaging our crops and freezing our seedlings. Our poly-tunnel is well cared for by our members during horticulture sessions and the crops are used and shared with the community. 

We remained positive during this situation and found a way to save half of the poly-tunnel. Sadly, it was vandalized for a second time. The plastic was cut and it is completely unsalvageable. We plan to repurpose the money that has been collected to fund a CCTV system (around £2.5k). Due to plastic shortages and waiting lists, we already know a full repair of the poly-tunnel is not possible until October, but it would be futile to proceed with repairs without improving security first. We will also need to source materials for repurposing and growing outdoors (wood, netting, plants and seeds etc). 

We have updated our #HelpingHands campaign and fundraiser with the aim to raise £3k to cover these materials. It will in turn help us increase food access by continuing to provide fresh food to our community! 

We encourage you to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW along as we continue our #HelpingHands campaign and fundraiser, as it is more relevant and necessary than ever. Most importantly, please continue to practice kindness. We could not do what we do without our amazing volunteers.       

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Helen Jarvis
09 Jun, 2021

Good luck with the poly tunnel replacement: gardens are looking lovely

Adam Phillips      Top Donor     
03 Jun, 2021

This is the money from our print sale. Much love. Foundation Press

Anonymous donor
03 Jun, 2021

Good luck in your ventures.

Update from Helping Hands

We have increased the aim as more people have been in touch saying they want to contribute. The extra funds will also go to materials and equipment for the gardening sessions. Thank you so much!!

(Update posted on May 14, 2021 14:03)
Adam Phillips      Top Donor     
03 Jun, 2021

This is the money from our print sale. Much love. Foundation Press

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Over four weeks we will share inspiring stories. We hope these stories will raise awareness of the challenges that are unique to asylum seekers and refugees, and compel you to donate to The Comfrey Project.

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