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We envision a world where people seeking asylum and refugees have equal opportunities to be healthy, active members of the society!

The Comfrey Project's work focuses on improving the wellbeing and integration of those communities primarily through the means of Social & Therapeutic Horticulture and the restorative power of nature; gardening, bee-keeping, nature walks, garden crafts, Forest Schooling are just some of the activities people can participate in. Respect for the environment and raising awareness of ways to protect it is, therefore, a key part of our work, too.

We also strive to create a welcoming community which feels like "home" to our members, and where they are supported to lead the planning and activities, with the aim to develop skills and confidence and to become better connected with their local community. Other regular activities include cooking, arts & crafts, music, language support, training courses, trips, signposting, community volunteering and others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis we have developed a number of remote services including befriending; remote gardening and creative projects; community volunteering initiatives; online language and employability sessions; monthly "Wellbeing Parcels" containing essential items such as food and toiletries, gardening kits, and creative and learning activities for adults and children; support to access the internet; sharing of information and resources in different languages; emergency support; signposting, and more.

Why the community needs us
Asylum seekers and refugees have fled dangerous situations, fearful of their lives. On arriving in the UK, the memories and consequences of these experiences live side by side with the frustrations, confusions and anxieties that arise as they negotiate the asylum system and seek to build new lives in a different society and culture. The Comfrey Project offers a safe, welcoming environment, the chance to focus on their well-being, to learn and develop skills, make friends and integrate.

Our impact on the community
Participation at the Comfrey Project offers opportunity for positive regular engagement in meaningful, practical activities for a common good. This offers much needed structure and a sense of purpose, progress and community, resulting in improved mental and physical well-being. People are supported to access other relevant support and opportunities available to them, as well as, to integrate in their community.

What your gift could provide


pays for one monthly Wellbeing Parcel for an individual


pays for one monthly Wellbeing Parcel for a family


pays for one monthly Wellbeing Parcel for all our beneficiaries

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