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Listen up peeps! I have decided to fulfill a life-long ambition and try to raise loads of cash in the meantime by getting sponsored to jump out of a plane. What better opportunity than to do it for a lovely local charity who has supported several of our WI members through some very difficult times? This year our WI's chosen charity is Mothers For Mothers. Click the 'About' button to find out what they're about and exactly what your donation will go towards. I extended the invite to our other WI members and the wonderful Hayley Lambert has 'jumped' at the opportunity to join me. So we are going to be launching ourselves out of a plane, strapped to some person (probably blokes we've never met before) and hopefully a parachute will enable our safe return to earth. ALL money raised will go directly to the charity. We will be paying for the jump from our own pockets and will also try to top up the final amount to the nearest £50. Here's the twist, we won't be jumping out of anything until we reach the target so I won't be booking the jump until the counter hits £500. This gives plenty of time to raise the funds but I would really rather do the jump in warmer months than mid-winter. Please give generously to this great cause. We'd really like to raise lots of money for them and to make it worth us risking life and limb.

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Siobhan Lambert
13 Aug, 2016

Well done hayles!

Suzanne Whitlock
13 Aug, 2016


Lloyd Wright
05 May, 2016

Good luck!

Spencer Rabey      Top Donor     
18 Nov, 2015

India, You're quite daft. Good luck. Spence x

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Total raised: £648.75
India is fundraising for Mothers For Mothers

Maternal Mental Health Support. HELP LINE - 01179359366
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