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For those of you who don't know me, I like to occasionally participate in the odd little challenge. I have more recently raised money by having a battle in a boxing ring and by walking on fire. It has now been suggested to me that I complete the Peak District Six Dales challenge.

On Saturday 24 June 2017, I will be setting off on my little journey, not alone thank goodness, to ‘walk’ across the Six Dales, I can assure you that there will not be any running coming from these little feet! I have been informed that there will be a ‘variety’ of terrain, let’s not think about that! Over 1000m ascent, let’s not think about that either, and that it’s 27 miles long……let’s definitely not think about that little piece of information!!

So I am now the proud owner of a new pair of walking boots, special socks that apparently prevent blisters and a backpack with an inbuilt water system…check me! Oh and one or two plasters for when the socks don’t work and a tub of Vaseline…..

Why do I set myself these challenges? Well, as Personnel Manager & Trauma Care Practitioner for an organisation called Imara in Nottingham, we provide a specialist service to support children, young people and their families following a disclosure of child sexual abuse.

Our main challenge is that we rely solely on funding bids/grants and fundraising events to deliver this unique and much needed service to the children and families across the Nottingham City. People often ask me when they find out what I do for a living ‘how do you do what you do?’ I can say that I do what I do because I love my role and I am passionate about making a difference in what is a very challenging and traumatising time for the clients that we as an organisation work with. It’s not always easy but as you can see, I do like a challenge!

Your help by way of making a donation would be very much appreciated, not only by me but the Imara team and most importantly….our clients!

Thank you