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The Comfrey Project provides facilities for refugees and asylum seekers with the aim of improving their conditions of life and general well-being, primarily, though not exclusively, through the provision of horticultural , garden based joinery, cooking and other creative activities. It is an invaluable service and a very special place, offering a place to be and to feel safe for our participants, an escape from the otherwise largely hostile environment in which they live. Unfortunately we have hit a funding crisis. It has become increasingly hard to access funds and whilst we do have applications in progress and are awaiting decisions on a number of applications, we are in a position where if these grants do come through they are not going to come in time. As a trustees I have this week had to be part of making the very difficult decision to make all of our hard working staff redundant. Our incredibly committed staff have offered to continue to work as volunteers, so along with extra input from trustees and our already very dedicated group of volunteers we believe we can keep the Project going. We do need some financial help though, and for something very specific. For participants to be able to come to the Project we need to pay their bus fares. Life as a refugee or a person seeking asylum means that public transport is a luxury. We are aiming to run two sessions a week throughout the winter months for thirty people each. Could you consider helping us with this by donating money for our (minimal centre running costs) and bus fares? A donation of £7.20 would allow one person to attend a session. A donation of £158.40 would enable one person to attend for the whole winter. If you could consider donating to this I would be very grateful and promise not to pester you for sponsorship for any of the mad ideas I am planning before I turn 50!
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Sarah C
24 Oct, 2017
You're doing fantastic work - let's hope you can continue doing it for many years to come
Lynn Huggins-cooper
22 Oct, 2017
much love x
Jane Stanley      Top Donor     
22 Oct, 2017
Good luck xx
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