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As part of my ascent into full MAMIL*hood, at the end of July, I’ll be cycling the Ride London-Surrey 100 mile event for The Bike Project. It’s a beast of a ride, I’ve never ridden so far, but it’s for a marvellous cause. The Bike Project are a bunch of refugees, mechanics and volunteers that help set up refugees with bikes that are donated and done up at centres all over the place. A lot of refugees have to get by on £36 benefits a week, less than the cost of a travelcard. Cycling gives you an increased level of freedom - it’s free, you see and interact with places you wouldn’t normally, you learn mad skills, and gets you involved in a warm, helpful community. I’ve never worn lycra before, so to warn anyone that lives on or near the route, try and avoid the area for the day and avert your eyes away from the fat sweaty bloke at the back. All sponsors will be guaranteed NOT to receive a post-ride photo of me in padded shorts. Why run the risk? Donate today. Or else. * middle aged man in lycra


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