Growing veggies with Kids - Urban experience

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In our urban area we have a lot of children who have never seen a vegetable grow. They don't know that peas come in pods and that carrots grow underground or that tomatoes grow on vines. We want to show them how vegetables grow and encourage them to grow some in a box in High Road! We hope to buy a set of 9 vegetable growing boxes specially tailored for this purpose with gloves and tools for children and then they, along with their parents, will attend our workshops and learn how to plant, weed and look after their boxes. Volunteers will train them and supervise them and the kids will maintain the boxes. Other kids will also be able to see this happening and perhaps join in or find a box of their own to use. We will ensure that the vegetables are well labelled and their use explained etc. Maybe this project can be expanded in the future if we get enough funding but the amount we are asking for now, funds the cost of the first 9 boxes and their contents.

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Anonymous donor
19 Nov, 2014

Good luck :p)

Paul Bass
19 Nov, 2014

Great idea to support veggie growing in the local neighbourhoud. Lets hope you get lots of support to get this project off the ground :-)

Anonymous donor
19 Nov, 2014

kids need to eat their greens, especially in Willesden Green!

Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
16 Nov, 2014

More power to you. Make Willesden Green!

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