Jeremiah’s 120ft Cheesewring Quarry Abseil

A fundraising project by Kirsty Stevenson

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Being a step parent is difficult... Being a step parent to a child who has lost a biological parent isn’t just difficult, it is like riding a rollercoaster of emotion that never ends.

After witnessing first hand the amazing work Jeremiah’s Jourmey have done with my step son, I have decided to give a little back and raise as much money as I can for this truly amazing charity by abseiling 120ft in Cheesewring Quarry!!

Jeremiah’s Journey provides support to children and their parents/carers when the future feels uncertain or when hope feels lost. Providing groups for children facing the death of a parent or those who have experienced the death of someone significant can be hugely beneficial
They offer support to children who are dealing with or going through bereavement and loss using creative activities to enable the children to: express their feelings of grief; share their memories and explore ways of coping with the aim children come away with skills and items that will be helpful for now and the future.

Every penny donated will be given to this amazing charity that will always be needed. Helping to provide the best service that they can to support children and families on a very difficult journey and give them the tools that they need to cope not just for now but for the future.

Wish me luck!