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I am fundraising for Leeds Animation Workshop, which has existed for 40 years, making animated films on social issues from a feminist perspective. This is an organisation dear to my heart and I want to raise money to support women working creatively in Leeds to communicate important messages about gender and other inequalities. I am planning a walk, of around 140 miles, from my home to that of my daughter (who has just had a baby daughter) in Newcastle, calling by at my mother's home in Leeds. This is my final project for an MA in Creative Practice (at Leeds College of Art) and I will be working all the way along the route to capture and record my experiences, what I see, hear, feel, taste and smell. On my return I will work on the gathered material to create an installation for the end of year show this autumn. There are some things about this for which I need your support. Up till recently I have been a keen walker and my planned walk would have been well within my reach. Now, however, I am older (64) and have an injured leg which will need to be much better if I am to do the walk. My aims are to lose weight (target is 20lbs, just over 1lb/week) and to exercise 150 minutes/week so as to get stronger (I am having treatment on my leg as well). That's why I am posting this as a fund-raiser, to help me do what I need to be fit and to make this adventure possible. Thanks for reading this- I hope you will support me, and Leeds Animation Workshop.

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Geraldine Mccormick
20 May, 2016

Just got to this although I think k Jeanne did tell me. A very great achievement Lesley and I am sure very memorable. Hope the leg was not too sore. Would love to hear more about it. Gerry and Katrina

Lesley Wood
15 May, 2016

This is from Eleanor and Joseph's neighbour Steve.

Dorothy Cooper-wood
13 May, 2016

I know Alex sent you some money but I've been meaning too as well. Also I just got your letter and felt very touched. Expect a reply soon. Love Dot

Lesley Wood      Top Donor     
12 Apr, 2016

Donations in cash from my Mum and Kath Ashcroft. Thanks xx

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