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Hi, I am going to America, however, for me to do this I need to raise some money toward the trip. My goal is to raise £350 all of which will be given to BGC Wales. The trip is run through this charity but for my part to help raise the money I will complete a 100-mile canoe test, which is going to be performed as a group where each of us will individually canoe 100 miles, and I am asking for sponsors. The challenge is to be completed over 4 days, and we will be camping each night. We will be canoeing on the river Wye. This will be a great show of strength and endurance. If you feel this is something you would like to support, please sponsor me by donating to the following local giving link. I will update everyone on the completion of the canoe test which take place on the 24th of May to 28th of May.


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NABGC's 100-Mile Canoe Test

As part of the National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs young people from all over the UK participate in a challenge to paddle 100 miles over 4 days on the River Wye.

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