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My name is Lotty and I am 11 years old. I have been inspired to do a sponsored walk and cycle from Reading to Mawgan Porth in Cornwall. The charities that I am raising money for are ‘C.A.R.I.A.D’ and ‘ABC to read’. Here is a little bit about them: C.A.R.I.A.D. is a charity that is trying to prevent puppy farming. Puppy farming is where dogs are bred over and over until they die. They are kept in poor conditions and receive no veterinary care. The puppies that are born tend to be very poorly and often don’t live past six months the Breeders don’t care though because they already have their money. The charity is based in Wales, but investigate complaints of puppy farming all over the UK. I first found out about them at The Pet Show in London, I met a lady called Heather who told me about CARIAD 4 kids and I went home to research about them and the horrible conditions these poor dogs are kept in. No person should have the right to make money out of cruelty, if you are thinking of getting a dog their website has lots of information about what to look for when purchasing a puppy. It is really easy to feel sorry for the puppy farmed animals but if you purchase one to ‘rescue’ it these monsters will have no reason to stop!http://cariadcampaign.wordpress.com/ ABC to read comes into Oxford Road Community School and many other schools in Berkshire. They assist children to read and to improve their life chances. They spend half an hour twice a week with individual children, they don’t just read they play games too. If you can’t read school can be really tough, you need to read to follow instructions in every lesson. In a recent survey of schools 97% of the children improved their attitude to reading and 98% improved in reading performance.http://www.abctoread.org.uk Obviously I can't do this on my own so my Mum, Anne, and Josh, my brother have volunteered. You can follow our training and our progress on the cycle on www.facebook.com/lottysamazingadventure
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Dawn Lawrence
25 Aug, 2015
Well done Lotty, amazing challenge and you have done so well. Best wishes Dawn x
David Wilson
11 Aug, 2015
Good luck Lotty
Rob Robinson
09 Aug, 2015
Well done all, hope it's been an amazing time for you. All the best, Rob ( Buckland Dinham)
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Lotty is fundraising for ABC to Read

We assist Berkshire children to read confidently at a level which will maximise their life chances.
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