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Thank you for visiting my donation page. I know it's annoying with so many people asking for donations these days. I hate to do it. But having been thinking about it I felt it was right to open a donation page so that if anyone wants to donate, they can. My name is Lu and I am kind of a runner. Lol. I suffer with a chronic invisible illness that affects my physical and mental health. I'm a bit of a crazy lady and like to set myself challenges. Having been ill for so long, I like to push myself to do things that I'm unsure if I can actually do. Hehehe. This September I will be taking part in a 46 mile run around Bristol called Greenman. (I say 46 miles but if I get lost then it'll be more!) I will have 12 hours to complete the course to meet the cut off time. However, if for any reason I don't meet the official cut off time, I intend to keep going anyway to make the distance. Aside from the physical challenge this will be, ultra running is known for its mental challenge; needing to keep going even when things feel unbearable. My chosen charity is a local one for mothers. As a mum myself, I know all too well how hard it is, how unsure it can all feel and how lonely it can get. I've also suffered with post natal depression and wished I had sought out some support instead of hiding away in the kitchen. Mothers for mothers are the support I wish I had. They offer groups, counselling, support and so much more to mothers in the area to help when things may feel like they are unbearable. I've put a target down because I couldn't leave it blank, I haven't got a set amount as anything would be helpful to the charity to be able to continue their work. If you can spare a bit of change for this challenge, I'd be really grateful. Thanks for reading. Lu x
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Shawn Townsend
30 Sep, 2018
Amazing and inspirational! Love to see you at checkpoint 3 and still smiling!
Tina Hoskins
24 Sep, 2018
I can think of better ways to spend 12hours, but fair play
Linny Smyth
22 Sep, 2018
You got this #girlcrush 🏃🏼‍♀️
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Lu is fundraising for Mothers For Mothers

Perinatal Mental Health Support. HELP LINE - 01179359366
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