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On Friday 16th March I was made homeless for the night and slept rough outside the YMCA in Milton Keynes. You may remember that night, the temperature dropped to minus 4 and the snow came down. It was very cold and uncomfortable.

I run the Business Growth Club here in Milton Keynes which is a fortnightly business networking club. We have a very strong charitable ethic and we love a challenge.

The lovely Paul Griffiths from YMCA came to Business Growth Club and explained the challenges they have helping homeless young people. At that point one of my members challenged me to support YMCA by sleeping outside overnight. Then, because my members love to inflict pain on me another 10 of them joined the challenge and the next thing I know I heard myself volunteering to do it.

On a serious note, homelessness and rough sleeping is a huge issue in Milton Keynes. I have a 20 year old daughter and the thought of her not having a home with a warm bed to sleep in would be completely horrific. Can you image any of your children homeless and rough sleeping.

One of the YMCA residents we met, Lucy, started sleeping rough on the streets when she was only 14 years old. How would you or your children have coped at 14?

So, please donate to the YMCA to compensate me for my night of sheer pain and terror. I am so grateful for those who have donated so much already and hope you can join them. However, if this is not your kind of cause please do me a favour and share with your friends, family, contacts and connections just in case they are able to donate.

Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.