5 Ultras in 4 months for 40 years of RSVP

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To celebrate 3 year’s since signing up to Bournville Harriers Beginners Course I’ve set myself a challenge: to complete 5 ultra-marathons in 4 months, each more difficult than the last. I will finish with Thames Ultra, 184 miles in 4 days in August.

20/05 Shires and Spires (35 miles)
23/06 Pennine Ultra (50 miles)
30/06-01/07 Cotswold Way (62 miles)
14/07 Race to the Stones (62 miles)
09/08-12/08 Thames Ultra (184 miles)

I’m raising money for a fantastic local charity RSVP (Rape and Sexual Violence Project, this year mark 40 years since founding. rsvporg.co.uk

RSVP provide essential services and empathic support to children and adults of all genders who’ve been affected by sexual violence and abuse. Survivors are supported through counselling services, helpline, advocacy and social and running groups . These services and the compassion, respect, sensitivity and professionalism shown in their delivery, supports and empowers individuals to rebuild their lives.

The charity is led by my inspiring friend, fellow Harrier and accomplished ultra-runner who’s encouraged me to give ultra-marathoning a go....and that no challenge is too crazy if your heart’s set on it, and do the necessary prep, of course!

When I signed up in 2015 to BvH Beginners Course, I hoped the regular exercise would help combat the weight gain from the bipolar meds. 3 years on, the benefits have been much more far-reaching: a lovely circle of local friends, a volunteer run leader for my Club’s Beginner’s Group, assisting with Bourn-running groups and RunandTalk, improved fitness: 4 marathons, 2 Ultras,12 half-marathons etc run, but most importantly improved mental health after many dark, turbulent years, to a point that few months ago took decision to come off the ‘life-long’ meds was told I needed. Still work in progress, but running and Bournville Harriers has played huge part in helping rebuild my life, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Thanks for your support