YMCA Milton Keynes Sleep Easy 2018

A fundraising project by Paul Griffiths

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Working at YMCA Milton Keynes I see first hand the trauma that being homeless can inflict on people: on their physical and mental health; on their sense of worth as a human being.

For many people they became homeless through circumstances beyond their control. And the problem is getting worse - and it is disproportionately affecting younger people.

Last year over 1,000 young people approached YMCA Milton Keynes for help. But providing a bed and a safe place to stay is just the start. Many need to develop their independent living skills; they need to improve their health and wellbeing - both physical and mental health and they need support with basic education, accessing training or finding work. And providing this support costs money.

Unfortunately, as we have seen the demand for our services grow - so we have seen funding reduce. So as well as raising awareness of the growing plight of young homeless people - Sleep Easy is also about raising vital funds for the charity, so we can continue to provide support to more than 350 formerly homeless young adults each year. Every penny raised will be put to very good use.

Thank you - and as you are wrapped up at home, warm in your bed, on Friday 16th March think of me out in the city centre. But more importantly think of the people who have to sleep out night after night.

However, if you too would like to support Sleep Easy 2018 contact Christine on 01908 295600 - or e-mail christine@mkymca.com or go to Eventbrite and search for 'YMCA Milton Keynes' to get more information and registration details.

UPDATE [27/2]

Weather is getting colder as 'the Beast from the East' comes rolling in - just hoping it warms up a bit before the 16th or sleeping out is going to be a real challenge!

UPDATE [15/3]

Weather forecast is for a change overnight Friday / Saturday - with temperatures dropping and possibility of snow. Could make Sleep Easy challenging - but just think of the people out every night: not just one.